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About Dandenong Car Wreckers

As one of the leading car wreckers in Dandenong, we offer top dollar cash for junk, used, old and scrap cars. By calling to one of our experts, you can get a free quote worth up to $14,999. Our company buy all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, 4wds, SUVs and buses. Nevertheless, we provide free car removal and take of care of all transfer papers while buying your car.

Instead of wasting big bucks on your unwanted car, it is always better to give it up for its full worth. And free yourself from the hassle of repairs. Especially when the repairs alone are costing you just as much as the total worth of your car. And there is no other place better than Dandenong Car Wreckers to do this.

We happen to have an excellent cash deal as Dandenong’s top car wreckers. The wrecking experts in our car yard specialize in all car makes and models. And therefore present you with the most appropriate solutions. We try our best to save you from unnecessary expenses; be it the charges for the auto mechanics or the hunt for genuine car parts replacements. Instead, you should earn money on what you still own. And make an upgrade with the extra cash you make.

Once you decide to sell your old, junk, scrap or used car, you will come across a number of potential buyers. We recommend always selling it to the professional scrap car buyers like Dandenong Car Wreckers. And also the ones who are willing to pay you maximum cash for its worth.

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Why Us?

We pay top cash for any make & model, no matter in what condition. Unlike other car wreckers, you don’t have to fill lengthy paperwork, our staff do it for you and pay you on the spot.

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Looking for Used Car Parts?

If you are looking for spare parts for your vehicle, you can always visit the best auto parts center in town called Dandenong Car Wreckers. At our car wrecking yard, you will find a wide range of cars, vans and trucks available for dismantling and used parts. Apart from that, we have thousands of parts ready to be sold. There are tested and verified by our quality auto parts team.

The car parts that you required for your car are also available in the junk yards. No matter what you need for your car, you can find it all here.Although they are second-hand parts, they will still work quite well as they have been tested and measured before they hit the roads.Then there are car removal services as well. If you ever need to take your car from the garage to the junkyards, you can always call Dandenong car wrecker for towing your car. we operate under Greater Dandenong Council area.

Such companies are meant to bear and carry heavy to semi-heavy vehicles or even mini-trucks that are available online. So whenever you need to carry your vehicle to the junk yard, you can call a car wrecker company and make it easier for you to tow your car with their help just like Dandenong Car Wreckers.

Want to sell your Unwanted Car?

If you have an old and a rusty car sitting in your garage, then you can take it to the junk yards for recycling. If not, then you can find a tow trucker company that can provide you with the best cash for cars dandenong and car wreckers dandenong. Find any brand for wrecking only at Dandenong Car Wreckers.

Through cash for car removal services, sellers can make some money out of their old and damaged car, and the buyers would put those vehicles to use. So both parties benefit mutually from one to the other. How good is that deal! We at Dandenong car wrecker’ services are scattered all over the city; we can provide you with the best ever services that will help tow your car including any vehicles.

No matter how bad the condition of the car may be, you can always bring it in and will assess the condition of the car before sending it to the recycle bin. Like most car wrecker companies, Dandenong Car Wreckers also serve our sellers with all three services. We pay the fair price and charge the right amount of money from our customers. Thus the trust issues are solved and both parties are happy.

How it Works

At Dandenong Car Wreckers, you can easily get the hold of our car wrecking services by following just the basic steps

  1. Fill out the easy quick quote form online to sign up for a free evaluation. Or call or email us with the details of your car.
  2. Let us know your contact details and exact location.
  3. Let us know if you approve our cash offer.
  4. Set up a day and time for a hassle-free car removal.
  5. Get instant cash for the full worth of your old car right away.

Before we come and pick up your car, it is good to remove your car number plates. You can hand-in the plates to VicRoads and cash-in the remaining car registration.

How it Works

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Fill our vehicle evaluation form below

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Cash For Cars Offers Up To $14,999

After years of experience in buying different types of vehicles, Dandenong Car Wreckers guarantee the best price for all used and junk cars. We do not just pay the highest possible cash for scrap cars but we also offer to pay it without any delay. Once you get on board and make a deal with our car wreckers. We make it our first and foremost priority to pay you the full worth of your car the first thing.

To sell your car, all you need is to get a free quote from one of our experts. You can do it by calling us or sending an email. The price we offer at Dandenong Car Wreckers will perfectly reflect your expectations and market value.

Expert Junk Car Evaluation

The valuation experts in Dandenong Car Wreckers yard, take every useful bit into account and give the best possible deal for it. The price we put on your unwanted car may even exceed $14,999. This strictly depends upon the overall condition of your car. There is absolutely no need for you to break a sweat over how badly damaged your car is.

There may still be a lot to it that only a professional could assess. Even if you are someone who does not have complete knowledge of the inner workings of an automobile. Our specialists walk you through each step. And make it a priority to give you ultimate satisfaction with the best solutions.
Moreover, our services are entirely free of cost.

No Hidden Charges of Fees

Unlike the rest of the car buying companies, Dandenong Car Wreckers no do not charge a single penny for any of our services. Right from the evaluation of your unwanted car, to its removal and then the final wrecking and recycling.

There are absolutely no additional charges. In fact we pay you instant cash to avoid any delay in the payment.

Free Car Removal Service

In addition to paying top cash for your old cars, we also offer you an entirely free car removal on the same day. This is probably why we are known to have the fastest car wrecking services. The At Dandenong Car Wreckers, we remove all used, wrecked, junk, scrap and unregistered cars. The state of your car is not much of a concern to us. We pick up and collect the badly damaged cars as well, even the ones that have gone completely immobile.

The price offered to you by Dandenong Car Wreckers may differ depending upon its condition. But we guarantee that our quote on it will be 100% justifiable.